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About Athens

When visiting Athens you have the privilege to discover one of the most exciting capital cities of the world! This city offers the perfect combination of modern and ancient and offers a rich variety of activities and sites to keep even the most discerning traveler satisfied.

Athens Will Inspire You!
Within the urban sprawl you'll find pockets of the past in neighborhoods that have been thriving for over 3000 years, such as Plaka, Anafiotika and Thiseio. You will find placidity, from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the many delightful and refreshing small parks and gardens, as well as ancient sites and museums packed with some of the most impressive artifacts in the world. Add to that fabulous weather, incredible food, vivid nightlife and the warm hospitality that Greeks are famous for and you have an irresistible mix and proven formula for success. Athens is blessed with a long coastline dotted with clear blue beaches just minutes away from its center, making it a starting point for swimmers throughout the year. Athens is a masterpiece still in the making: it's always reinventing itself.

Athens Will Excite You!
Athens has experienced major facelifts over the past decade, most of which took place as a result of the Athens 2004 Olympics. The basic public transport and road infrastructure has seriously improved, with the new airport and Metro providing a much-needed upgrade of services and faster commuting. If you stay in the city center, you'll find that most sites, museums, bars and restaurants are within walking distance from each other and that with the new and improved public transportation network, you'll be able to move around the city easily, and inexpensively.
One of the most impressive changes over the last few years has been the integration of the ancient city into the modern town. A beautiful pedestrian walkway created to connect the central archaeological sites around the Acropolis Hill allows visitors and locals alike to have easier access to the major sites of Classical Age Athens, combining them with impressive and historic neoclassical buildings, restaurants, cafés and various facets of Athenian daily life.
There is no doubt that Athens is at its best when it's warm. Life moves out into the open air with cafes, restaurants and bars serving customers in gardens, courtyards and even on pavements, letting you enjoy the balmy weather and moonlit sky!
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